What is ZOOTCH?

ZOOTCH is your Alternative Messaging App.

ZOOTCH gives you the ability to easily communicate with anybody within your 25-mile radius without needing to have or exchange any personal contact information.

With ZOOTCH you can send and receive a variety of media including messages, text, photos, videos, voice and documents. Very soon, voice calls and video messaging.

What makes ZOOTCH so different than other popular messaging apps?

Other messaging apps require one’s personal telephone number or email address to communicate. With ZOOTCH, you don’t need anyone’s personal contact information, even your own.

Is ZOOTCH free?

Absolutely YES!

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for ZOOTCH by either connecting your Facebook account or by using your cell phone number.

What’s the range where I can find fellow ZOOTCHERS?

25 miles or 40 kilometers.

Invite friends

How do I invite a friend to ZOOTCH?

Go to your profile tab, click settings and press “Invite Friends” which will lead you to your contact list and then select anyone you would like to receive an invite.


Can you explain how features unique to ZOOTCH help protect my privacy?

ZOOTCH not only allows you to form connections and start chatting with others without ever having to exchange your personal contact information, but also everything you post on ZOOTCH like text, voice message, pictures, documents etc. remains 100% safe and secure.

Are my conversations, profile, and history private?

Yes! They are privately safe and secure on our servers and are not shared with any third parties. Rest assured, with end to end encryption, no one can read or listen to any messages or calls whatsoever.

Coloured dots

In my Chat section, I see a red coloured dot next to a user’s name, what is that?

The red dot indicates that the user has unread messages.

Check marks

After I send a message, check marks appear. What do they mean?

One black check mark means that your message was sent successfully.

Two black check marks means that your message was delivered, and the push notification was successfully received to the recipient's phone.

Two white check marks mean the recipient has read your message.

Group chats

Can I create a group chat?


Who am I able to add to a group chat?

A group chat can include anyone who has downloaded ZOOTCH. You can add ZOOTCHERS who are either within your pre-set range OR by accessing their username from the master ZOOTCH list.

How many ZOOTCHERS can there be in a Group Chat?

Up to 250.


How do I post an event?

Press Events on the top of the Nearby Screen and then press the 3 dots on the bottom left side of that screen.

Can I delete or edit an event after I posted it?

Yes. Press the event and go to 3 dots on the top right side of the screen and press either Delete or Edit.

How does the radius slider work in relation to events?

Yes! Whatever radius you set, is the range in which you can post an event. For example, if you set your slider to 500 feet, you will only be allowed to post Events within the 500 feet radius. The furthest an event can be posted is within your 25-mile radius.

Can I search for any Event beyond my 25-mile radius?


How far in advance can I post an event?

Events can only be posted within 7 days of the Event.

When are events deleted?

An event will automatically be deleted after the event is completed as stated in the end event day and time.

Why are events in blue circles?

To differentiate between events and ZOOTCH users who are in red circles.


(Under construction)


How do I prevent myself from being found or seen on the ZOOTCH Radar?

Go to your profile tab, click settings and enable the “invisible” switch.

If I am invisible from others, can I still see and chat with people nearby?



Can I change my username?

If you registered via Facebook, your username cannot be changed unless you change your name on Facebook. If you registered via your cell phone number, you can adjust your name under profile settings.

How do I report someone?

- Open a current or past conversation with them
- Press the three dots at the top right corner
- Click Block & Report

How do I unblock someone?

- Open a current or past conversation with them
- Press the three dots at the top right corner
- Click Unblock

What is ZOOTCH's mission

It is our desire for our ZOOTCH community to easily and quickly communicate with each other, anywhere in the world, without barriers, or hindrances.