A Messaging App with a TWIST!

With ZOOTCH you can easily communicate without needing to exchange any personal contact information. You can send and receive a variety of media including text, photos, videos, voice and documents.

Expand your network. Make new connections! With ZOOTCH, your reach is limitless.

Anywhere. Literally.

Within a 25-mile radius of anywhere you find yourself, there is an opportunity to connect with those around you. Once initial contact has been made, you will be able to communicate no matter where you are located.

Whether it be in a restaurant, in a park, at the library, at a trade show, in a classroom or even in a crowded bar - there’s no place off limits!

Within a few seconds, you can see all ZOOTCHers around you and instantly start creating connections.

Whether you’re all business, or simply looking to communicate with friends and family, ZOOTCH opens up a whole new realm of messaging capabilities.

zootch radar


Every messaging app require either your personal telephone number or email address to communicate.

With ZOOTCH you don’t need a number, an email address or any other personal contact information to message or communicate.

Your contact list
just became irrelevant

What good is a contact list if you are trying to communicate with people around you but they aren’t on it?

ZOOTCH takes messaging to another level. No name? No contact info? No need! If you want to communicate with someone you see, open up the ZOOTCH app, find them on your radar, and you’ll be ready to start communicating.

zootch radar

Communicate with
one or everyone

Start a private conversation with the person enjoying a cappuccino at the next table or message everyone in line at the fast food joint to help you decide between the burger or the crispy chicken. Or at a trade show you can communicate with each potential customer.

ZOOTCH makes it easy to chat one-on-one or in groups, it’s easy and fun and up to 250 people in one group chat. Communicating has never been easier.


Have something going on in your area and want to share it? Post an event to ZOOTCH so that it can be enjoyed by anyone within your 25-mile radius.

Want to see what events are happening around the world? No problem. Simply type in the city and country or scroll on your event map even beyond your 25-mile radius.

zootch radar


There are no monthly subscriptions or in-app purchases. ZOOTCH comes at the premium level right from the start for FREE!

Don’t worry, you won’t be bothered with any ad popups. Just chat and enjoy!

Private and secure

Concerned about your privacy? Yeah, us to! That’s why everything you send or post on ZOOTCH remains 100% safe and secure. All of ZOOTCHs messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption. No third party can read or listen to any messages or calls. Rest assured, no one has access to your data.

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